Our Story

Blofield Farm Shop has been in existence for many years. In the last few years it struggled to compete with the powerful lure of the big supermarkets that separates local people from their local suppliers.

The availability of produce not in season but flown thousands of miles to satisfy consumer demand.

The message was clear and it was you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it.

As someone who loves local seasonal produce and whose dad was a butcher, it was always my belief we could tell a different story and that began with locality and seasons.

Sadly I totally underestimated the power of that message being drummed by the major supermarkets and I fought a losing battle - even in the heart of Norfolk surrounded by amazing local produce.

The real story of the Farm Shop is how Covid-19 has brought our community back together.  It’s allowed us to source the most amazing produce that no longer has a place in top class restaurants and hotels and allowed us to build a farm shop based on everything I’ve learnt from the trade and my family’s heritage in the industry.

We are nothing without either our local farmers and suppliers who provide us with the most amazing produce, without doubt some of the best you can find anywhere in the UK and of course you our customers.

Your support and loyalty holds everything together and we are determined not to let you down.

We have all been brought together in the most extreme of circumstances but I’m determined that out of all the darkness we have found ourselves in we will shine a light on these amazing suppliers many who are struggling and provide you our customers with the very best Norfolk and indeed the UK has to offer.


Marcus & Family