Norfolk Free Range Pork

Tom, Ben & George are the fourth generation Youngs to call Sankence Farm their home ….

If you are lucky enough to visit the farm, you will see the pigs roaming freely around the woods which is where they grow.  With an insulated farrowing arc for extra comfort in the warmth of the summer and cold of the winter, these very happy pigs can live outside all year round in plenty of natural space. 

The pigs while away their days rooting around, snuffling about and playing with their buddies are all great signs that the Youngs pigs are living the best natural and stress free life as possible.

The way Youngs pigs live have a massive impact on the taste of their meat …  the pork has a much deeper flavour.  Where the pigs roam and play they nibble on across and chestnuts where these flavours develop in their meat.