A Norfolk Christmas

A delicious selection of meats and poultry all sourced from Norfolk suppliers.

Please remember when ordering from our Christmas collection these are only available for delivery/collection on 22nd, 23rd & 24th December. 

Please ensure you select one of these dates when you check out!

Our bronze turkeys, turkey crowns, geese and cockerels have been provided by Morton's Farm in Skeyton ... nestled in the heart of picturesque, rural North Norfolk countryside Rob and his family run the farm.  All their poultry is free range and the Morton's have a real passion for rearing their animals slowly and with care through the seasons, looking after our stunning countryside and upholding traditional farming methods.

Our black turkeys have been supplied by the Peeles family from Rookery Farm (Thuxton, Norwich) ... the home of the original Norfolk black turkey.  The Peeles have been breeding and rearing turkeys since 1880.  Together with hatching the chicks they also grow their own corn to food the turkeys whilst they roam freely outside.  This gives them a delicious flavour which they have championed for over 137 years!

We have chosen our favourite Christmas products however please take a browse around and take a look at all of our products!

Wishing you all merry Christmas. xx


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